3) Concerns

It is normal to have concerns about having a sexual relationship after stroke.

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    Since my stroke I have lost interest in having sex as I’m frightened I might have another stroke and I’m worried that my husband doesn’t fancy me any more.

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    My leg has been numb and weak. When my wife touches me I can barely feel anything. I’m very tired and I’m worried I won’t be able to satisfy my wife like I used to.

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    I have central post stroke pain and this means it’s sore when my husband touches me. I’m embarrassed by this and anxious about how we will ever be loving towards each other again.

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    My wife has to help me with everything now and I don’t feel like her husband any more. It’s almost like I’m her child. I think I’ll need a lot of help in order to feel like the man I was again.

Key point

  • Due to the way your body can change after stroke, it is normal to have concerns about having a sexual relationship.
  • Discussing these concerns with your partner and/or stroke nurse can help you move forward.
  • Ask your GP about tablets – blood pressure medication may cause erectile dysfunction, statin may cause fatigue and reduce libido.