3) Isobel in the house

Have a listen to the clip below to hear how Isobel managed to start getting active.

Q. After your stroke Isobel, what was it important to get back to doing?

I wanted to feel like I could get back to looking after myself and get rid of those ready meals! They are OK for a little while, but not a long term solution.

Q. How easy was it to get started?

It was very difficult at the beginning…

Q. What things made it difficult?

For me it was a lack of confidence, fear of failure. My husband was also wrapping me up a bit in cotton wool.

Q. What did you do to get going and what was the 1st thing you did?

Well, we sat down and had a chat about things and we thought about what I could make that could be easy. Like a snack or a lunch, something simple that wouldn’t tire me out.

Q. And what did you make?

I made a bowl of soup with the microwave. Not very exciting!

Q. And that worked well?

Yes, It worked out okay, it wasn’t time-consuming and didn’t take too much effort, which was good.

Q. And how did you feel after that?

I felt great, I was actually able to feed myself and my husband. He’s a bit more relaxed now and let’s me do more because he can now see what I can do.

Hints and tips:

  • Making an agreement with your family members to work jointly on household tasks can improve everybody’s confidence.
  • Agree what you are going to do with your family.
  • Do part of the task and gradually build up to doing more.

Something to try

Would any of these hints and tips help you? Make a note of these and think how you could put them into action.