10) Am I ready yet: weighing up the pros and cons

Am I ready to self manage my life?

Often the best way to make a decision is to weigh up the pros and cons. This is what I did and it really helped. These were some of my reasons, you may be thinking something similar, or perhaps have some of your own.

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  • I want to feel in control – It feels really good knowing that It is me, making informed decisions for my life. I feel more confident!
  • I want to feel happier – Making positive changes gives me the feel good factor. I am doing more and really pleased about it.
  • I want to feel healthier – This is really important to me as I want to prevent the risk of another stroke. I know that I am doing something about this.


  • I don’t want to do this alone – Selfhelp4stroke and my local lifestyle management group really supported me after my treatment finished. Friends and family support and encourage me too.
  • What if I make mistakes? – We are all human! When I make mistakes I move on. At least I know what doesn’t work for me.
  • I just don’t feel up to it –We all have bad days and sometimes I feel I have a mountain to climb. However with each small step I feel I am making progress. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Something to try

On a piece of paper write down your reasons for and against self managing your life after your stroke.  It might help to talk to family or friends about it.

Key Point

Remember Selfhelp4stroke is here to support you in moving forward. Often the pros outweigh the cons!