5) What affects our communication?

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Lets look at all the things that effect how you communicate.

Emotion – Hiding our emotions when talking to others is very difficult. After a stroke it can be even more difficult to control emotion and this can be embarrassing. It changes your voice and disrupts your speech.

Thoughts – When we have a lot on our mind our thoughts drift. Proper conversations need full concentration from everyone. You can work on improving this.

Effects of Stroke – A stroke can change how speech sounds or make it more difficult to find the right words. Getting used to this can take some time.

Communication Partner – A communication partner is anyone you are having a conversation with. Everyone knows some people are easier to talk to than others. This can be about how well they listen and share talking time.

Environment – The obvious problem is noise, but other things like seating arrangements, privacy and formality change how we chat with each other.

Method of Communication – The most important thing is getting your message across. It is less important how you do this. Using gesture, drawing and writing are all relevant. Whatever works for you.

Hopefully you now have some ideas about what works well and what you need to work on.   This will vary depending on who you are with, where you are and how you are feeling.

Lets look at what you can do about these.