13) Difficult topics

Advocacy is where you choose another person to support you in or act on your behalf to:

  1. Enable something to happen e.g. review your benefits entitlement:
  2. Clarify a situation e.g. deal with a formal agency ie Housing Department or employer.
  3. Represent your views e.g make sure your opinions are heard.

An advocate can be:

  • A family member
  • A trusted friend
  • A professional advocacy service

Professional advocacy services can be found at; Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance


I was finding it very difficult to keep on top of all the mail and my bills and things. I found it difficult to phone all the places to sort things out. My good friend came with me to the Citizens Advice team and helped me tell them what I needed help with to sort it all out.


Having had the stroke made me realise I needed to get all my affairs in order. I didn’t want to upset the family more so I got in touch with a professional advocacy service who helped me to make my will with the lawyer and it really helped.