5) Hugh’s story

Hugh had a stroke 3 years ago. Prior to his stroke he had his own painting and decorating company. Due to the nature of the business, Hugh was very active. After his stroke Hugh was keen to get back to his previous level of activity. Listen to Hugh’s story

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HughI wouldn’t say I was super fit before my stroke, but my job kept me in shape. Up and down ladders, carrying pots of paint, up and down stairs… you get the picture. My work kept my busy and active. No need to go to the gym after a week wallpapering a big hoose! After my stroke I knew I had to take my time to get back on my feet again as they say. I was lucky that the stroke had not affected me too bad physically, but I would and still do tire out very easily and the time in hospital had set me back. I was struggling to keep awake by the end of the day. My son suggested we decorate a room together in my house. It was a disaster. I was so frustrated that I could not do what I could before and he was doing it all wrong! I desperately wanted to get back to doing these things again it’s not like I was afraid of hard graft., but where to begin? I was tired, my balance was not great and my right side was not as strong. My family were worried that I was doing too much as It was. What if I had another stroke? I didn’t want to ask my pals as that would affect my pride. I honestly did not know where to start as there was so much holding me back.

As you have heard from Hugh it was not easy to get started. There was a lot holding him back because of his stroke. Does this sound familiar to you?

Let’s explore what may be holding you back and what you can do to get started.

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