2) We all worry

We all worry , but after a stroke it may feel a lot worse. Have a look at the situation below and tap on the people to see what’s on their mind.

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Who I am My worry
Granny “I will never get to sleep tonight, this food will give me indigestion.”
Mary (Mum) “They all think I am fine, but I’m not. I need to get out of here, I can’t cope with all of this going on.”
Julie (girl) “Why is he always picking on me?”
Callum (teenage boy) “I’m dreading the exam results tomorrow.”
Mike (Dad) who is texting on his phone “I’ve got to sort the finances out by next week.”
Waiter “I wish this lot would hurry up. The next group are already here wanting the table.”

Key point

Portrait of Mary


Did you notice Mary…
Her way of coping is to leave the restaurant. She wants to escape and may avoid the situation in the future.

When we feel uncomfortable in situations it is a natural response to avoid them.