3) Do I do this?

Can you think of any time since your stroke that you have felt uncomfortable or wanted to escape a situation?

Let’s have a look at Betty and Alec’s stories. Do they sound familiar?

Betty’s story:
Betty's story

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“I can’t concentrate and it’s really hard to make conversation since my stroke. I’m really worried about looking stupid. I don’t even go out to the lunch club with the girls now. I wonder how they’re all getting on?”

Alec’s story:

Alec's story

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“Since I had my stroke I need to use a walking stick but I detest the thing so I get my wife to get my paper for me. I miss the banter in that wee corner shop.”

Something to think about

Betty and Alec are avoiding things that they enjoy because of problems they are having following their strokes. Have you found yourself putting things off?