2) Hear from some people whose lives have changed after stroke

Here are 3 people whose lives have changed after stroke. Select their photo to find out more.

  • Karen


    Karen is in her 30’s. She is married with 2 primary school children and worked full-time before her stroke as a financial advisor. She had her stroke 9 months ago. She is not yet back at work, but hopes to return next year.

  • Stuart


    Stuart is 68 years old. He had his stroke 18 months ago. He retired a few years ago from his job in the civil service. He has been married to Wilma for 40 years and they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

  • Richard


    Richard, 36 years old, was a successful businessman. Until he had his stroke 2 years ago he was involved in lots of committees and served on the local community council.