7) Who’s in my world?

This exercise is about thinking about the people who are in your life, who are important to you. There may be only one or two, or lots. There are no right or wrong answers.

Q. Enter the names of people who are an important part of your world, you can enter up to 10.
When you have done this, select ‘Finish’.

Need some help
    Below are some suggestions of people in your world.

    • Son
    • Brother
    • Husband
    • Daughter
    • Sister
    • Wife
    • Close friend
    • Other relative
    • Partner
    • Nurse
    • Doctor
    • Other

    If you find yourself struggling to pick people please have a look at our section on Feeling isolated.

    Start again

    Have the people in your life changed?

    Take some time to think about this and when you are ready move onto the next page.