15) Kelly and Jean in the cafe – asking for help

Asking for help can be difficult, but if it done early on it is likely you will get the right balance.

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Jean: The cakes all look amazing, I’ve got what you asked for – a nice wee cup of tea

Kelly: Oh, thank you (takes cup)

Jean: Just let me know if you need any help

Kelly: Oh thanks, I will do (reaches for sugar sachet)

Kelly: (tries to open sugar sachet)….actually, do you mind if you give me a wee hand opening my sugar it’s quite tricky doing it with one hand, I’m not quite there with the other one yet

Jean: Sure…

Jean: (Opens sugar sachet and adds it to Kelly’s tea)

Jean: There… you ok with the spoon

Kelly: yeah thanks

Jean: Now, how about a wee cake

Kelly: Need you ask….

Jean: (hands over plate of cakes)

Kelly: oh they all look lovely don’t they, I think I’ll go for that one, cheers. I’ve been looking forward to this, do you know this is the first time I’ve been out since I came home from hospital

Jean: Oh gosh

Kelly: Seems like forever, but I’m glad to be out and about again

Jean: It’s so nice to have you back

Kelly: Thanks. So what’s all the gossip, I feel like I’ve missed out on so much

Jean: Well, wait till I tell you this…

Kelly and Jean have at last found the right balance. We can see that getting it right can make a positive difference.

Lets go onto to see what we have learned from Kelly and Jeans experience.