14) Kelly and Jean in the cafe – not getting help

Sometimes the situation can be different. Friends and family might want to let you do things for yourself and not realise that you are having difficulty. This can be just as frustrating.

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Kelly: Is it awful busy out there

Jean: Oh it was busy. I forgot what you asked for, was it tea?

Kelly: Um no, it was coffee actually, but…och

Jean: (putting out tea things). I’ve got some nice cakes….. you can have whichever one you fancy….. I know which one I want

Kelly: (struggles to open the sugar packet one handed)…. could I get a wee bit of help here, I’m just really struggling with these sachets

Jean: Try it yourself, and see how you get on..

Kelly: (shakes sachet of sugar over the table, missing cup)

Jean: (Is oblivious to this as she is looking at her phone and drinking her coffee)

Kelly: (then reaches for cake, but knocks over some things on the table and struggles to remove cake from wrapping)

Jean: Oh, you’re making a mess.

Kelly: Well, if you give me some help I might not have made a mess.

Jean: What was that? (Jean ignores her as she is texting on her phone)

As you can see this did not work out well either. Kelly was just as frustrated at Jean not helping.

Something to think about

  • Has this happened to you?
  • What were you trying to do at the time?
  • Who was with you?
  • How did you feel?
  • What could have made it better?

Now let’s go on to see what would happen if the situation was different again.…