9) Thoughts, feelings and actions

Depression affects your day to day life, if you are feeling negative you are less likely to be active and keep yourself well. When you feel better you are more likely to connect more with the outside world.

After a stroke many people experience “stop start” days along the way.

  • Red Light feelings

    RedI woke up today and I just feel sad. I just can’t face things today. I am tired and this makes me irritable. I feel I am good for nothing so I am just going to stay in bed.

  • Amber Light feelings

    AmberI woke up today and I’m feeling okay. I’m not ready to tackle everything but I am getting there. I will get up, get ready and see what I can do today.

  • Green Light feelings

    GreenI woke up today and I feel better. I feel positive and this makes me more motivated. I want to do more today and perhaps get out and about. I can do this!

Something to think about

Can you identify with any of these feelings? Can you see how they affect your actions? Have a think over the last week. What colour days have you had? If you have had a number of red days you might want to speak to someone about this.

Key point

We have now looked at feelings and emotions and identified how you are feeling just now.

Before we go on to look at some ways that may help you, take some time to think about what you have done so far and when you are ready have a look at the next section which will show you some  strategies that can help.