14) Guidance for Day 2. Writing Session

And now for the second day of writing. Select the sound clip to help you continue your story.

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During today’s 15-20 minute writing session try to concentrate on the following 2 aspects of the event you wrote about on day 1:

  1. Firstly, try to write about your deepest thoughts and feelings about the event you described on day 1.  To help you do this, put yourself back in the situation again and see if you can remember how you felt.  Don’t hold back, try to find words that best describe your deepest thoughts and feelings.
  2. Secondly, try to describe the impact of this event on your day-to-day living, work and social life in the immediate days and since. So, for example, did it or has it caused you to change aspects and priorities of your life that were  important to you.

Well done, you have completed the second days writing. You may have been writing about emotions and thoughts that were bringing you close to the event again and you may feel a little down/sad as a result. This is a perfectly natural and adaptive response to have. Take a step back and reflect but do continue with daily plans and perhaps put in place some of the tips found in the “looking after yourself when writing” section. Then when you are ready move on to the next step and try following the instructions for the third and final writing day 

Key point

The main thing to remember on the second day of writing is to let go and really find the right words to describe your emotions and the impact of the event on your day to day living.

Remember feeling a bit sad is quite natural, but you might want to take a look at the Frequently asked questions page at this point.