13) Guidance for Day 1. Writing Session

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Before you start writing think about an event that is/has been emotionally upsetting for you then begin to write only about the facts of this event, describing what happened on the day, where you were, who you were with, sights and sounds, and what you did for the rest of the day. It is important that you don’t spend time today writing about how you feel but write in a very factual, objective manner. This maybe difficult but it is a useful first step for you to recall the sequence of events that happened and what you did for the rest of the day around this. So this first day of writing might then be like the following example:

It was a Friday morning…I was eating breakfast….suddenly the telephone rang…My brother announced to me that….This led me to drop my plate on the floor…etc.

Try to write for about 15-20 minutes. Then put your writing safely to one side for the day. The day after today, or in about a weeks time, move on to the guidance for the second days writing.  Well done, you have completed the first step in writing your own emotionally expressive story. You might still be thinking of some of the facts and features of  your event. That is perfectly natural. If you want to go further then  move on to the next step and try following the instructions for the second day Video Instruction

Key point

Just a reminder that in today’s writing session you are being guided to describe only the facts surrounding your chosen event.