15) Guidance for Day 3. Writing Session

For the third and final writing session please select the soundclip.

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For today’s session it is suggested that you write about your event from 3 different viewpoints:

  1. Firstly, how you feel, today, right now, about the event and all that happened around it.  Turn away from recalling past feelings and just concentrate on how you are feeling at this present time.
  2. Secondly, try to write about how you coped,  are coping and whether you or anyone  else did or said something that was / is helpful.
  3. And finally, looking at the event as a whole write about what you may have learned about yourself. Would you do / say anything different and what have you taken from this whole event that could carry over to being helpful in emotionally challenging events in the future?

Well  done, you have completed  your first 3 day writing experience. You might be wondering what happens next, what you do with your story, so have a look at the next page for some helpful suggestions.

Key Point

It is helpful to remember that the third writing session should focus on 3 aspects. The first, being how you feel today about your chosen event. The second, how you are coping and the third what you may learned about yourself as a result of this experience.