12) Writing Therapy – You and Your Story

Sometimes writing about emotionally upsetting events can be helpful. Why don’t you select the sound clip below to find out more about this.

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When people experience major life changes, or emotionally upsetting events the natural tendency is to want to tell someone. Although, this can help it can sometimes be difficult to make the step from wishing to tell someone and actually sharing. Some prefer to be more private or not bother others. There can be a fear of being judged, rejected, or giving the wrong impression. This is why opting to write about your deepest thoughts and feelings can be helpful.
Writing about your deepest thoughts and feelings, particularly in a structured story-like manner,  may help to put in order muddled moments and thoughts and bring about a new level of insight, and understanding.

If you want to try writing your own emotional story, think about an event that has/is emotionally upsetting for you. You could use a laptop, tablet or pen and paper, whatever works for you.  We suggest you have a look at frequently asked questions on the next page first and then follow our 3 day guide on how to approach this in a structured way. By following the guide you will get the most out of this experience; why don’t you set some time aside to have a word with yourself and create your own story.

Key point

Writing therapy can help to bring about a new level of understanding and order to upsetting events in life.
Remember you can choose to write with pen and paper, laptop or tablet. Whatever works for you.
We suggest you also have a look at frequently asked questions on writing.